Music Matters

Make time every day to listen to music. From Rossini's William Tell Overture to Duke Ellington's Take The A Train. From Beethoven's Fur Elise to Al Simmons' I Collect Rocks (Hey - that's me!). Sound quality is of utmost importance. Find the best sound system available. Even if it is just a large "boom box."

Some music should be listened to with no distractions. If there are funny lyrics, put on some headphones, then sit and listen and laugh along. Some music stirs the soul; other music needs to be danced to. Play a wide variety of music
while you are drawing, painting or cleaning up.

Have daily "Jam Sessions," even if it is only hand clapping and foot stomping. Have one group of people keep time by pounding out a loud steady beat while everyone else claps on the off beat and improvises.

If you are playing music with other people think of it as a conversation. Leave gaps in your "dialogue" so that someone else can "say" something - especially if your instrument happens to be the loudest.