Sounds Crazy
by Al Simmons

Even the most sophisticated of musical instruments have humble beginnings. Since saxophones and trombones don't grow on trees they must have evolved from stuff people found in their environment.

We can only imagine, but likely the first musicians accidentally twanged the string of their hunting bow, blew across the top of a piece of bamboo or between two blades of grass, or hit two sticks together. They were probably surprised by the sound they heard and experimented by trying to make the sound louder, prettier, lower or higher. Once they found sounds that they liked they shared their discovery with friends who in turn shared their musical findings. The music sounded even more amazing when everyone played together. The first jam session!

Over many years of refinement these instruments gradually improved and became the modern instruments that we hear today.

We, too, can make music out of found items, even stuff that is headed for the landfill site. Our homemade instruments won't have the most sophisticated sounds, but their construction will have the essence of, and be played using the same principles as the finest, most expensive store-bought kind!
Some of the construction is tricky so be sure to ask a grown-up for help!