"In this one-man show, what Simmons accomplishes in visual imagery merits respect, and his transformations while playing an entire cast of characters are undeniably skillful."
Reg Skeen, Winnikpeg Free Press Oct. 21, 1983

"We laughed and we marveled, we were shocked and stimulated, we were moved and we came out of the theatre shouting your praises." Cast members of MTC's '83 prod. of "Tale of Two Cities,"
Fran Gebhard, Robert Rooney, Michelle Fisk October 22,  1983

"...funny and moving."
Ron Robinson, Wpg Free Press Oct 29, 83

"...in delicate balance with the vigor of his clowning, Simmons successfully engages our sympathy.  The transitions from character to character are wonderful to watch."
Chris Johnson, Stereo Morning CBC National Radio October 24, 1983

"No one should miss an opportunity to revel in two solid hours of his skillful comic interpretation." Chris Hurley, Manitoba Puppet Theatre Wpg Free Press, Oct 29, 83