(Winter Tales) "The Christmas Orange" is a 12-minute dramatization of a book by Canadian author Don Gillmor. His co-star is 8-year-old Hailey Glor. She plays the part of Holly Stingley, a little girl who doesn't get what she wants for Christmas and decides to sue Santa. I play more than 7 different characters (we lost count) including Santa, Wiley Studpustle, Ned Flathead and Mrs. Doofus. You might even recognize a face or two in the crowd of extras. Al's three sons were doubles for Al.

Al loved being a movie star for a few days! Hailey was wonderful, the crew was fantastic and the beach townsfolk were incredibly supportive.

"The Christmas Orange" is in the second half of a half-hour CBC TV Christmas Special, called "Winter Tales", showcasing Canadian Literature from various provinces. E-mail CBC to find out when it will be on this year: kids@cbc.ca