The Never Ending Road
Al Simmons/Ken Whiteley

I'll bet you we've been driving now for seven hours steady
I'd consider turning back except we've come so far already
I'd stop and ask directions but I'll bet they wouldn't know
And anyways I haven't time we've got too far to go.

The perpetual path of pavement that's unravelling before us
Has a panoramic vista that does nothing more than bore us
Fence post after fence post pass like seconds on the clocks
We're reading ads on billboards and graffiti on the rocks

We're on the never ending road
The never ending road
We're on the never ending road

We should have been there hours ago, by my calculation
The seat that I am sitting on's cut off my circulation
I'd better concentrate I'd better drive for all I'm worth
I think that we're about to circumnavigate the earth

I'm running out of patience - and what is even stranger
I'm running out of gas I guess I'm running into danger
I'm not concerned I'll doze off or take a little nap
I'm worried if this road ends - we'll drive off the map


I think that road construction crew was very inconsiderate
What they've gone and done is built a highway that is infinite
It doesn't matter any more; I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.
This isn't highway 10 this is a sideways figure 8

We're not only not arriving, we're not in the vicinity
Yet, I know where we are going, we're driving to infinity
It's like we're walking up an escalator going down
Like a hamster in a wheel we're going round and round and round...

The road continues to unravel,
Does it lengthen as we travel?
Now the pavement's turned to gravel!
Will this nightmare never end.

I'm staring at the centre lines
Just looking up to read the signs:
"Only you can prevent forest fires."
"Come on down to Moe's garage - for winter tires."
"Proceed with caution!" "Deer crossin'."
"Soft shoulders." "Falling boulders."
"Do not pass." "Last chance for gas."
"Tourist information." Hydro station."

Tourist information?
Tourist information!
I would say that that's
A cause for celebration!

Fancy that, our luck has changed for some peculiar reason
No wait, no wait, another sign they're closed - for the season.
Lets listen to the radio before we go insane
"...and for you folks on the roads tonight it looks like freezing rain."


Dash board drum solo! Keep the beat on the back seat!

"We won't be first
We won't be last,
`Cause we are getting
No where fast.


I am seriously wishin' - I could end this expedition
My fuel gauge is falling - And nature is calling


Wake up everybody. We're here.