That Johnstown Bounce
Randy Woods

Oh the Johnstown Bounce, it's a mighty big bounce
It only costs a penny only weighs about an ounce -
Have you heard about the Johnstown bounce?

Yes, the Johnstown Bounce, it's startin' to get around
Hotter than the weather and it's better than it sounds:
Bob-wobblety-bob to that Johnstown Bounce.

It takes all o' those old-fashioned steps
And it puts them in the shade
Your feet forget how to minuet
The minute that Johnstown Bounce gets played

When you're downtown
With your long face on
Just remember how they counted down in Johnstown
How's about we go to town on the Johnstown Bounce.

The Johnstown Bounce, it's the bounce that counts,
It makes you want to wander out and squander your allowance -
Bob-wobblety-bob to that Johnstown Bounce.

Well it takes those dapper ballroom steps
And it dips them in the schmaltz
Your feet find faults with the old-tyme waltz
When the Johnstown starts to get results.

Oh the Johnstown Bounce, it's making the rounds
It's catchier than ever and a cure was never found
Bob-wobblety-bob to that Johnstown Bounce.

See the population hoppin' 'til the cows come
What they're on about amounts to the Johnstown

People pouncin' on the mountaintops and then some
Sorta thing `ts bound to happen with the Johnstown

Should it follow that you leap upon a kettle drum
That, as well, is all in keeping with the Johnstown

Even if you're used to jumping where you come from
You're astounded at the ground you're looking down upon

When you romp atop the clouds to the Johnstown
Bob-wobblety-bobblety Bounce.