Al Simmons - lead vocals, red backed boinger
Ken Whiteley
- acoustic guitars, electric guitars, tenor banjo, organ, ukulele, mandolin, lap steel, autoharp, jaw harp, harmonium, radio, back up vocals
Bucky Berger
- drums, tympani
Rob Lee
- drums
George Koller
- string boss, bass guitar
Daniel Koulack
- string bass, electric bass
John Sheard
- piano
Dick Smith
- percussion
Ben Mink
- violin
Laurie Bower
- trombone
Scott Iryine
- tuba
Jim Galloway
- clarinet, soprano and tenor sax
Gordon Evans
- clarinet, alto sax
Chris Whitely
- trumpet
Sarah McEleheran
- trumpet
Gene Hardy
- tenor and baritone sax, musical saw
Janice Harding
- background vocals
Ilana Zaramba
- background vocals
David Wall
- background vocals
Greg Lowe
- bass vocals
Karl Simmons
- dashboard
Peter Warren
- radio announcer
Clive Perry
- weather watch
Walter Swanson
- Guardian Angel

ADDITIONAL VOCALS - Hayley, Danica, Kendra and Fred Penner; Karl, Willy and Bradley Simmons; Daniel Koulack, Rob Lee, Grindl Kuchirka, Danny Shur and T.K.O

HORN ARRANGEMENTS - Rosemary and Jim Galloway (Way Back Home, That Johnstown Bounce, I Always Punctuate My Ps), Sarah McEleheran (Drip Drip Drip & Never Ending Road)