Mr P.G.
Al Simmons/Ken Whiteley

Manhattan's got the Empire State
Frisco's got it's Golden Gate
Paris has the Eiffel tower
Big Ben chimes each London hour

China's famous for it's wall
India - The Taj Mahal
The CN Tower may be tall
But Mr. P. G. tops them all

Mr. P. G. Mr. P. G.

In Prince George British Columbia
Tourist dollars were fleeting
So years ago I'll have you know
They had a town hall meeting

They needed something distinctive
Something novel something new
To make the tourists stop a while
Instead of just passing through

Mr. P. G. Mr. P. G.

Yes Prince George needed something
That would put them on the map
Like a giant wooden man
With a checkered red felt cap

Like the heads on Easter Island
Or grass huts you find in Fiji
They built a statue out of logs
And called it Mr. P.G.

Mr. P. G. stands for Prince George Mr. P. G.

Giant shirt and pants and hat
Were tailored by somebody's mom
"Because," they said with confidence
"If we build it they will come."

Well the tourists came from far and wide
In the summer and the winter
To see him standing proud and tall
Beside the tourist info. centre

But as the years went by he suffered from neglect
His clothes were raggy and he lacked self respect
As the years wore on his appeal wore off
People said that he just wasn't good enough

Mr. P.G. Poor Mr. P.G.
He use to proudly wave a flag
Now he just holds the pole
In his mouth he smoked a pipe
Now his lips just have a hole

Well there are good and bad people
In every single city
Some destroy through vandalism
And others with graffiti

Mr. P. G
. J.P. loves E.S. Mr. P.G. T.K. was here!

Initials carved into his legs
Eventually spelled his ruin
Then vandals came in dark of night
And took a chain saw to him

Mr. P.G. had become
Just another pile of kindling
And with out it's famous statue,
Civic pride was dwindling

Mr. P. G. Mr. P. G.

An arc welder stepped forward
And said "I have a plan
We have the technology
Lets reconstruct the man."

Well they built him with aluminum
So that he'd never rust
They reinforced him so he's now
Impossible to bust

The welder's a hero P. G. looks good
He's made out of metal but he looks like wood
This statue has achieved legendary status
A wonder of the world you can see for gratis.

They wave at him from cars - on the Yellowhead Route
They say Momma "Take my picture! I'm standing on his boot."
They're pointing out the window of the air-e-o-plane
Everybody loves him. What's his name!

Mr. P.G. Mr. P.G.