Drip Drip
Al Simmons/Ken Whiteley

On my back in my bed
Trying to take a nap
All I hear in my head's
The dripping of a tap

To remedy my problem
I know what is required
Get up and turn the tap off
But I am too darned tired

Drip drip drip
It isn't fair it isn't right
Drop drop drop
I've been awake for half the night

Drip drip drip
I wonder if it's cold or hot
Drop drop drop
I guess the washer must be shot

It's been dripping just like that
Since long before last summer
If I could reach the telephone
I would call a plummer

Wide awake I'm wondering
Has my mind gone numb
I want to sleep to the beat
Of a different drum

Drip drip drip
Drip drop dripping down the drain
Drop drop drop
Drip drop driving me insane

Drip drip drip
Incessant rhythm in my brain
Drop drop drop
This water torture's inhumane

Relentless rhythm (drip drip)
Constant cadence (drop drop)
Won't somebody make it stop

Louder louder (drip drip)
Hammer hammer (drop drop)
Please please make it stop

All right already I give up
I'll turn it off myself
No wait a minute listen
It stopped all by itself

I wonder why the dripping stopped
It quit - without me knowing
Is my sink completely full?
Or is it overflowing?

Drip drip drip
Ah that's a reassuring sound
Drop drop drop
I was afraid I might have drowned

Drip drip drip
With every drip I heave a sigh
Drop drop drop
And every drop's a lullaby

Ah that peacefully pure pulsating palpitation
is positively pacifying.