I Can't Find My Pyjamas
Dave Gordon

It's been a long time since morning,
And I've been working so hard,
                Am        B7
Building a tree house,
                             Em   F#7   B7
In my uncle's back yard.
I'm getting tired and sleepy,
And my turtle's been fed,
                              Em  B7
But I can't find my pajamas
                             Em  Am  Em
So how can I go to bed?

Em                         D7
I looked under the table,
I looked under the chair,
                       Am  B7
I looked in the oven,
And in our old frigidair
I even looked in the bathroom
For a clue or a sign.
Pardon me if I shout,
How can I sleep without,
                             Em   Am  Em
These pajamas, of mine.

Well my pillows so fluffy,
And the sheets soft and clean.
After spending the morning
In the washing machine.

But I can't find my pajamas
And it's a great tragedy,
How can I say goodnight,
I can't turn out the light,
Till they're covering me.

Were they taken by pirates,
Did they fly off with geese,
Should I look up the chimney,
Or should I call the police,

Were they eaten by leopards
Who are licking their chops
They were my favorite pair,
Now I've nothing to wear
Neither bottoms nor tops.

Wait mommy's found my pajamas,
A happy end to my song.
They were there in the closet,
Folded where they belong.

Now I will no longer throw them,
Yes I will fold them instead,
And when I find my red toothbrush,
I will go straight to bed.

                 Em              B7
And when I find my red toothbrush,
                             Em   Am  Em  Am   Em  Am   Em
I will go straight to bed.