I Want A Pancake
Randy Woods

The little bird that woke me up this morning had this to say
"I always like a hot breakfast to start off my day"
There's something in what he says, and Mother agrees
When she calls "Come and get it", we know she means to please
She's in the kitchen mixing batter, using both hands
It starts to pop and splatter when it gets in the pan

We duck into the breakfast nook and now we can't wait
For something round and flat that we can stack on a plate

We're all in our places (we've got the syrup ready)
With grins on our faces (she's making way too many)
Let me loosen my braces (we won't leave any)
We got so hungry that we can't stand steady
Man, I could eat (look at her flip those things)
Save her a seat (she's wearing Father's ring)
Just about then (right at the table)
Mama, oh I want a pancake (Mama, oh I want a pancake)

Now we'd have pancakes every day if we were allowed
We ask for wheat-cakes Monday, Mother says stick around
On Tuesday we say hot-cakes, again it's no soap
And no buckwheats on Wednesday, why we nearly lose hope
When Thursday brings no battercakes we're out of our minds
And Friday without flannel cakes
(flannel cakes - I had a dream last night that I as eating flannel cakes...and when I woke up, half my blanket was gone)
By Saturday fl-fl-flapjacks is all we can sayAnd we would all be goners if it weren't for Sunday
Man, it was tough (how many days it's been)
Ain't we suffered enough (we're getting way too thin)
We huffed and we puffed (a lot of good that did)
But now we're gonna stuff and stuff those griddlecakes in
Man, it was bleak (around the breakfast table)
All of this week (we had hay from the stable)
But blessed are the meek (but Father hollers)
Mama, oh I want a pancake (Mama, oh I want a pancake)
You know if I were pushing pancakes here's a trick I would try
I'd rig my big bicycle with a griddle to fry
And I'd be flipping flapjacks to beat the band
While holding on the handlebars with only one hand
Passers-by would page me as I pedaled past
I'd stop in time because I couldn't ride very fast
They'd line up on the sidewalk like ships at a dock
And I would heat their pancakes while I rode round the block

Well everyone, how do you like the service
(Son-of-a-gun, the way you serve us makes us nervous)
What? What do you mean (you're so unsteady)
If you should fall you'd likely spill the butter in the gutter)
Well, those are the risks (and life is full of them)
But business is brisk. Who's next (who's next, who's next)
Just about then (everyone hollers)
Mama, oh I want a pancake (Mama, oh I want a pancake)

Flour, salt, sugar, double-acting baking powder
I'm sifting all day (in Sunday spiffies)
Sour milk, butter, and one or two eggs
I'm mixing batter all day (it's my own recipe)
Now pour 'em and fry 'em, and stack 'em on a platter
Mama, oh I want a pancake (Mama, oh I want a pancake)
Mama, I want, I want a
Mama, oh I want, I want a
Mama, oh I want, I want a pancake please