She was born in a ditch,
She gonna make you itch.

She gonna bite you bad,
She gonna make you mad.

She gotta long long beak
She playin' hide and seak

She buzzed round our ears
For fifty million years.

She's a fly with a needle,
She's called a mosquito,
She's dracula, incognito.

She follows a trail of Co2
From the door, to your snore.

When you're a sleeping beauty
And you get a twilight kiss.

You'll find yourself on the pointy end
Of her proboscis.

Ouch she bit you
And you slap her hard.

There's nothing left but a tiny bump,
That's her calling card.

Isn't that a slap in the face.
It's the anti coagulant in her saliva that irritates the skin.
Only the female drinks blood.

The male must stick to the juice of plants,
His proboscis is too plain.
He could attempt to make a meal of blood,
But it would be in vein.

You can't get blood from a stone,
So she when she whines and dines, she dines alone.

Its a meal intravenous,
I tell you folks its heinous.

She put the bite on you,
She's havin' blood fondue.

And in the evening if the air is warm,
Male mosquitoes start to swarm.
A female approaches to find a mate,
Impelled by nature to propagate.

We sit around our patio, cursing all the buzzin,
And BBQ and shake our fist at the cloud of kissin cousins.
(A humming choir of mini vampire!)

Oblivious to our diatribes,
His feathery antennae pick up her vibes,
Sees the twinkle in her compound eyes,
And the facts of life are realized.

Now, she's gotta have a blood meal before she can lay
Eggs that'll hatch.
So she buzzes your ears and steals your blood
And leaves you with a scratch.

Then, she fly's away to digest her food
Without saying thanks, man that's gratitude.
She's a fly with a needle,
She's called a mosquito,
She's dracula, incognito.
She stands at the water's edge and with a grimace and a grin
250 eggs come out of her abdomen.

The raft of eggs float on the surface tension
And in two days you got a wiggler convention.

That's the larva stage.
They breathe through tubes, they got no legs,
They ove by lashing their abdomen from side to side.

They're like synchronized swimmers with snorkels.
They hang around the surface, breathing air and eating algae.

All they seem to do is eat and eat and eat.
Then they turn into the pupa stage in approximately one week.

That's transmogrification.

A pupa looks like a fat comma with horns.

They crack their pupa case,
Like the chicken and the egg.
When they appear they yawn and
Stretch their long skinny legs.

And when their wings dry they can fly.

They gonna fly all night,
They gonna give you bites.

They gonna pierce your skin,
To get the blood within.

In a swamp, tin can, tire, or dugout,
The eggs can survive several years of a drought.

There are eggs waitin' in a dry pot hole,
For that miracle of rain.
And when it becomes a puddle
The cycle starts all over again.

Watch out here they come!

Put up the screens and stay indoors,
You scratch my back I'll scratch yours.

Listen to them buzzzz!!
Now that's an onomatopoeia.
We need a mosquitoe abatement plan,
But there's no panasea.

You can however reduce the risk of being bitti by wearing light
coloured clothing and using an insect repellant

There's a chemical that helps you hide
From all of the mosquitoes that are outside
Just grease your front and your back side
With diethylmetatoluamide
That's D-E-E-T
She hates the smella citronella

She's a fly with a needle,
Called a mosquito,
She's dracula, incognito.