Discover Me
Al Simmons/Whitely/Sheard 1990

Like water waiting for a glass to hold me
Before love dies of thirst,
I won't ask you for a second glance
At least give me the first.
Gaileo discovered mountains on the moon
And sunspots with his telescope
Pluto was first sighted by Walt Disney
But for
a goofy guy like me there's not much hope.

When will you discover me
When will you look around and see,
My hearts like an uncharted island
In this deep blue sea
Oh, when will you discover me.
Who's legs were discovered under the counter
In a drug store at Hollywood and Vine
In 1935 they were Lana Turner's
Today let them be mine


Colonel parker found Elvis
John Hammond found Aretha
Stanely found Livingston - so I presume
Michael Angelo found David - in a block of marble
Our day can't come too soon

Madame Currie found radium
Sir Humphrey Davie found boron
Jed Clampet found black gold Texas tea
Baden Powell found the boy scouts I'll be prepared
`cause some day you will find me