Clothes Encounters
Al Simmons


Our washing machine is broken
Disconnected and out on the lawn,
The laundry, that's sliding down the clothes chute,
Don't even know its gone
Down the chute they come sliding
The shapeless and the latest in style
The sweaty and soiled keep falling and falling
Into the enormous pile
I knew it was broken when it started to smoke
And shake and rattle and rock
Maybe it had finally eaten
One too many sock
And now the t-shirts land on the pile
There's one with bullwinkle the moose
A blue one with red stripes
A pink one with white

And one with cranberry juice
They seem to be thinking they soon will be sinking
Into water and white sudsy soap
But they just lay there and reak their rank aroma
Oh Lord there is no hope

       I've been agitated and put through the wringer,

       And now I know who to thank

       If technology won't wash my clothes
       Let me beat 'em with a rock on the river bank


Shirts - towels - underwear -
And too many mismatched socks
Not to mention the wools and unmentionables
And I'm becoming distraught

The clothing keeps dropping
Less distance each time
As the ceiling is drawing so near
The room is so full it will burst and explode
The laundry for miles and iIfear...

That soon the last sock from the drawer will be used
Wait! What's the rumble i hear?
A-truck, a-knock, a-voice, a-ha!
The maytag man is here.