Barb, Karl, Willy and Bradley; Mom, Dad, Liz, and Rob; Oma and Opa;
Hartley, Gilles, Fred, Lynn, Jeff, Cathy, and Karen; Lynn And Rod; and Ben
and Ellen. Thanks for your love and

Richard Ouzinian, Josh Marantz, Paul O'Neil, Connie Kaldor, Steve Bell,
Mike Klym, Alycia Seaborn (Vocal coach), Andrea Haddad (French Coach), Brad
Caslor, Rick Boughten, Honey Hill,
Ilena Zaramba, Brent Parkin, Big Dave Maclean, Tom Fijal, Jonathan Austman,
Mary Worobec, and the City of Winnipeg entomologists: Randy Gadawski and
Kevin Nixon. Thanks for your advise
and inspiration.

Love, Al.
A special thanks to all you folks who realize that I make my living making
music and would never even think of copying this tape to give to a friend