Sounds Crazy Show

       A musical exploration of junk with Al Simmons Juno Award-winner Al Simmons demonstrates, with hilarious results, how the various instruments of a symphony orchestra make music in his renowned school show: Sounds Crazy.
       The principles of sound waves, vibrations, resonance, and pitch are clearly explained as Al plays his bizarre homemade versions of stringed, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. In typical Al-style, he manages to coax music out of tin cans, soda straws, garden hoses, plastic drink bottles, rulers, coat hangers, and even a turkey baster. He explains, by way of hilarious example, the science behind the music and how his crude instruments are similar to their more expensive counterparts.
       During the show, Al sings audience favourites from his albums The Truck I Bought From Moe,Celery Stalks At Midnight and Something‚s Fishy At Camp Wiganishie; featuring Al's crazy costumes, hats, fish and even a sing along eye chart,
With learned patience and deliberate humour Al teaches students the importance of recycling and re-using and that they, too, can make music out of found items - even stuff that is headed for the landfill site. While homemade instruments may not have the most sophisticated of sounds, their construction will have the essence of, and be played using the same principles as the finest most expensive store-bought kind.
       Al's performance is an exploration of his inventions. He demonstrates a variety of his creations, from a spring-loaded-kitchen-utensil hat to a smokin' smoked salmon, and talks about the trials and tribulations of being and inventor. What do you do when your invention fails? Each failure is a step towards success. Al explains that some of his inventions were accidental or serendipitous, while others were painstakingly planned out on paper, created as a prototype and then methodically constructed.
• "Incredible, Al Simmons just taught the entire music and sound science curriculum in an hour and the students just soaked it all up." Gerzinus Hoekstra, Ontario Arts Education
• "Part music, part science, very entertaining." J. M. Young School, Eden Manitoba
• Wonderful performance...we had a blast! Timber Trace Elementary, W. Palm Beach Florida
• "Delightful and awe-inspiring! Boy, would I love to be that kind of teacher. All our students (and teachers) were entranced. It was a blast and educational, too! Lynn Eldridge, Fulton Place Elementary, Edmonton

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Show length: One hour (includes a 5 to 10 minute question and answer period).
Recommended grades: Kindergarten to Grade 12.
Al Simmons