Al Simmons
"I Collect Rocks" DVD

Wildly popular entertainer, inventor of astounding gadgets, and all around nutty guy Al Simmons delivers a big dose of daffy to your DVD player.

Continuing in Al’s tradition of offbeat unpredictability here’s one hour of wackiness that can't fail to delight. Loopy vaudeville-inspired routines connect six madcap music videos mixing adult and children’s humour. The result is entertainment we can all enjoy. This is truly a tour-de-force of ingenious, charming silliness.

"For those in search of the truly zany, the undisputed king is Al Simmons." ~Maclean's Magazine

Featuring 6 music videos:

•I Got My Axe
•It's Raining It's Pouring
•Counting Feathers
•I Collect Rocks
•I Got A Horse

And a brand new song:
•What Do You Do With Your Rocks?

Al Simmons is a cast of thousands:
-Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson sift through the strata of puns that lead to their quarry in two adventures:
•“The Rock-hound of the Baskervilles”
• “The Mys-tree in the Forest.”

The Safety Brothers attempt to:

•Use a shovel
•Walk in the rain
•Making a bed
•Hunt for rocks
•Ride a bicycle.

The Deputy has a herd of cows and a heap of the orneriest jokes you have ever heard.

The Mathematical Beatnik plays π r 2 percussion.

The Weather Map
The forecast is frivolity as meteorologist Razz Stiffwig weathers a storm of silliness.

Questions answered:

•How thirsty is a tree?
•How old is a rock?

Lessons Learned:

•How to send a message in the forest.
•How to Spell ‘Bicycle’?

Bonus Track:
•“The Amazing Creation of Al Simmons”
A short film By Sheldon Oberman