Producer: Ken Whiteley
Engineers: Dave Zeglinski & Craig Strong, John Schritt, Dave Gannett & Ken Whiteley
Recorded at: Mid Ocean, Wayne Finucan & Cassa Wroxton (1990)

Ken Whiteley- Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Banjos, Accordian, Wash Tub Bass, Bass, Harmonica, Hammer, Saw, Rocks, Siren, Percussion, Hammond
Organ, Charango, and Lap Steel
Gilles Fournier - Bass
Gord Osland - Drums
Glen Matthews- Percussion .
Al Simmons- Banjo, Harmonica, Saw, Hammer, Axe, Rainstick and Chicken Rack
Dave Lawton - Trumpet
Brian Epperson . Cello
Graham Townsend - Violin
Background Vocalists -
Ken Whiteley, Fred Penner, Len Udow, Danalee Pescitelli, Karl Simmons, Willy Simmons, Glen Matthews, Tim EliasToronto:
John Sheard- Piano
Bucky Berger - Drums
Victor Bateman - Bass
Chris Whiteley - Trumpet
Steve Crowe - Trumpet
Brigham Phillips - Trumpet
Laurie Bower . Trombone
Jim Galloway - Saxophone
Gordon Evans - Clarinet
Martin Van der Ven - Clarinet
Ben Mink - Violin
Kathryn Moses- Flute

I dedicate this recording to Barb, Karl, Willy, Bradley, Mom, Liz and Rob. Thanks for all the love, support and inspiration.
To Oma and Opa, Ben and Ellen, and Lynn and Rod Johnston -Thanks for being there when I needed you.
To Ken Whiteley, Fred Penner,Alicja Seaborn, Jonathan Austman, Mike Klym, Steve Bell, Bob King, Paul O’Neill and Cathy Nosatti - Thanks for your artistic guidance.
To Dianne, Ken, Gabrielle, Lisanne, Lori, Lorraine, Richard, Murray, Laura and Tom - Thanks for all the hard work that made this project possible.
Love, AL

P.S. Thanks to all of you folks who realize that I make my living making music and would never even think of copying this tape to give to a friend.